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"They See Me Rollin" | Hoodie | SunFrog Shirts

"They See Me Rollin" | Hoodie | SunFrog Shirts

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Design Description:

They see me rollin lyrics

This is not my copyrite. Category People & Blogs; Song Ridin' (Dirty) Artist Chamillionaire

They See Me Rollin' | Know Your Meme

Comparing "They See me Rollin'" and "Ridin Dirty" shows a strong correlation between the popularity of the song, and possibly the meme. If analyzing the search traffic for "They see me rollin" can be used as any indicator for the popularity of the meme, then the meme peaked along with popularity of the song.

What Does they see me rollin Mean? | Slang by

They see me rollin refers to the opening line of rapper Chamillionaire’s 2006 song “Ridin’,” whose opening lyrics are: “They see me rollin’, they hatin’ / patrollin’ and tryna catch me ridin’ dirty.”The song, which described the experience of black drivers being profiled by the police, rose to number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart by June 2006.

They see me rollin' |

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they see me rollin