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"Calm Down Your Favorite Nurse…" | Hoodie

"Calm Down Your Favorite Nurse…" | Hoodie

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Design Description:

How to Calm Down: 15 Things to Do When You’re Anxious or Angry

1. Breathe “Breathing is the number one and most effective technique for reducing anger and anxiety quickly,” says Scott Dehorty, LCSW-C, of Delphi Behavioral Health.. When you’re anxious or ...

How to Calm Down When You Are Overwhelmed: 7 Quick Ways to Try

Don’t wait for stress to hit you to start practicing these quick ways to calm down when you are overwhelmed. The best way to enjoy a worry-free life is not to push yourself to the limit of being overwhelmed and frustrated.

14 Instant Ways to Calm Yourself Down | Everyday Health

14 Instant Ways to Calm Yourself Down. Becoming easily overwhelmed or over-aroused is common in highly sensitive people. Here are some tips and tricks I've learned to take the edge off.

12 Ways To Calm Yourself Down When You're Too Angry To ...

For when you know you're way too angry, but can't seem to turn it off.

Calm Down Your Favorite Nurse Is Here ! ! get one for yourself or for a friend ! Available in Ladies and Mens T-Shirts and Hoodies ! PLUS Tons Of Color Options !