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"I Have Dogs So I Won't Choke…" | Classic Ladies Tee

"I Have Dogs So I Won't Choke…" | Classic Ladies Tee



Design Description:

I Love My Dog So Much - Official Site

Welcome to I Love My Dog So Much! I’m Max, the CEO & Pug of this site, and I’m happy you stopped by! We created this site so that dog lovers everywhere could find, share and enjoy stories, videos and pictures of their dogs.

So I have this dog....

So I have this dog....a blog about my frustrations with the veterinary medical field. I love being a doctor, but sometimes I want a day off. So I have this dog....

iHeartDogs - Because Every Dog Matters

When you shop iHeartDogs for your pet or yourself, you are making a donation to a designated give-back program that helps change the lives of pets and people everywhere. ... The Top American Dog Names Of 2018 & What To Expect For 2019. Choosing a name for your dog is about so much more than finding... Read more. After Losing Their Home, A ...

So have I/So do I -

"She has three dogs." "So does he." Or should we use "So has he" - 'does' is more colloquial, casual, and 'has' is just a little bit more formal in speech. I have also heard that to a sentence "I've got a dog." we reply "So have they" because "have" is an auxiliary verb here. -yes - or, "So do they." The same as in a sentence "She has never been to Rome."

I have dogs so I wont choke people.