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I Have Dogs So I Won't Choke… | Classic Ladies Tee

I Have Dogs So I Won't Choke… | Classic Ladies Tee



Design Description:

So have I/So do I -

Hi, Is it correct to use as a short answer to "She has three dogs." "So does he." Or shall we use "So has he"? I have also heard that to a sentence "I've got a dog." we reply "So have they" because "have" is an auxiliary verb here. The same as in a sentence "She has never been to Rome." "Neither have I." Am i right? Thank you a lot in advance.

I've Pet That Dog!

My name is Gideon. I am 9 years old and like petting dogs.

How being a dog owner taught me to hate dogs | Ben Gran

Unfortunately, now we have kids, and both of our kids love dogs. So it’s probably just a matter of time before we have to get one. It won’t be another Lab, or any other dog that sheds. It would have to be something hypoallergenic, housebroken and easy to live with, that requires no outdoor exercise and minimal involvement on my part.

19 Signs You Really, Really Need A Dog - BuzzFeed

19 Signs You Really, Really Need A Dog. It's a ruff life. Posted on ... And you're instantly attracted to someone if they have a dog. ... And reading this whole post just made you want a dog so ...

I have dogs so I wont choke people.