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"I Am A Political Scientist" | Premium Fitted Guys Tee

"I Am A Political Scientist" | Premium Fitted Guys Tee

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Design Description:

What does a Political Scientist do? - Sokanu

The answer to the question, What does a political scientist do?, therefore, is multifaceted. Political scientists do not do one specific thing. Their specialized knowledge in one or more of the subfields described above – comparative politics, international relations, political economy, or political philosophy – can be valuable in several roles.

Home - Eric Guntermann

I am a political scientist focusing on voting behaviour, public opinion, and representation. I am particularly interested in how motivated reasoning sometimes leads citizens to adopt political parties' positions and in how it sometimes gives elites incentives to follow citizens' preferences.

Fail-Safe (1964 film) - Wikiquote

Fail-Safe is a 1964 film about a nuclear strike launched by accident. Directed by Sidney Lumet . Based on the novel 'Fail-Safe' by Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler .

Clint S. Swift – State Politics. Legislatures. Economic ...

Greetings. Welcome to my website. I am a political scientist and visiting assistant professor at Sewanee: The University of the South. I study mostly American politics, with a focus on comparative state institutions and behavior.

If you are A Political Scientist. This shirt is a MUST HAVE