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Hit the duck!

Hit the duck!


Design Description:

Duck Flies into Guy's Face | When Animals Attack - YouTube

After a warning from his friend to "duck", this man misunderstood thinking that he was talking about the duck he had in his hands, only to then get hit in the face by a flying duck.

Tourist Duck Boat Hits Audi in Boston Traffic | NTD.TV

Krakovsky told the Globe that both vehicles were trying to merge into the same lane when “the duck boat hit the back of the car and made it twist,” pushing it along the road about 10 feet.

What do i do after hitting a duck with my car? | Yahoo Answers

Just relax it's only a duck. It sucks that you hit it and killed a helpless duck but people hit them all the time. The only law out there saying you have to stop if you hit an animal is if it block the roadway, causes more than $1,000 in damage to your property, causes human injury, or is someones pet.

Law could hit duck-boat victims' families | Columnists ...

The duck boat that sank in Table Rock Lake in Branson, Mo., is raised Monday. The boat went down in the evening of July 19 after a thunderstorm generated near-hurricane strength winds. Nathan ...

Hit the duck!