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"Polite Nobody Is Perfect. But…" | Premium - Ladies Fitted Tee

"Polite Nobody Is Perfect. But…" | Premium - Ladies Fitted Tee

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Design Description: Nobody is Perfect but... How Polished & Polite ...

Good manners, respect for self and others have always mattered to me. Over the years, as I go about my daily business and observe or interact with people I am sometimes appalled by the boorish, disrespectful and overall poor social skills displayed.

The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee: Nobody is Perfect

Cornelius is so sweet and polite. It takes but a second to fall in love with this darling little boy. He'll gladly spend an hour or two sleeping on your belly, keeping you warm. He'll start purring the moment you touch him. Then he'll give you a glance that says "thank you, how kind of you to pet me ...


@clixmoney, I agree with your step by step contexts there.Anybody not to be perfect and we made more errors still life time. But with assistance more engagement we can grow rich being together.

Who wrote Nobody is perfect -

1. Honestly nobody can be perfect no matter how hard they try. We were born imperfect. . 2. I disagree. We are all perfect. We are living things that had come too far in life to not be perfect.

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