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Get your QUACK on Kick Ass Like a Duck

Get your QUACK on Kick Ass Like a Duck


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Get kicks - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

To seek out, indulge in, or enjoy something fun or pleasurable. I've never been one to get my kicks from running—I find a long, hot bath much more enjoyable. See also: get, kick get one's kicks (from someone or something) Fig. Inf. to get pleasure from someone or something. Do you get your kicks ...

Get a kick out of - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Cole Porter used it for one of his most popular songs, "I Get A Kick Out of You" (1934). See also: bang, get, of, out. get a bang out of derive excitement or pleasure from. North American informal. 1931 Damon Runyon Guys and Dolls He seems to be getting a great bang out of the doings.

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Get your QUACK on! Kick Ass Like a Duck!