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"I Ducking Hate Auto Correct…" | Premium Fitted Guys Tee

"I Ducking Hate Auto Correct…" | Premium Fitted Guys Tee

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Design Description:

Shalini R Campbell (shalinirose) on Pinterest

I "ducking" hate auto correct, seriously. Or when your autocorrect decides to entirely change the meaning of what you were trying to convey in your text: It totally defeats the point when you're yelling at your ex and you give him a big "Are you ducking kidding me" Kinda deflates the whole sounding angry part.

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Facepalm, Fucking, and Wow: Dana Gould @danagould Wow NY Times photo of Trump's notes from today. He wrote in, in Sharpie, There was no coliusion, and CROSSED OUT, "and those involved in meddling should be brought to justice James Gunn @JamesGunn Yes.

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ellipsis - What is the preferred way to type out ellipses ...

Microsoft Word uses it to "auto-correct" your work by default. (While we are at it, you should also not use smart quotes either.) It's all an interesting theoretical discussion, but in the real world of fiction publishing, here is how it breaks down.

I ducking hate auto correct Tanks